Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I'm Up, I'm Up, I'm Up. Woof baby

I’m Up, I’m Up, I’m Up. Woof baby. Interesting night last night. Waited up for David to come in from work. Never really know when he will make it in, just the nature of the job. He finally ambled in around midnight. I still had supper on the stove for him, fortunately it was something that cooks for hours and hours to meld the flavors.

Nothing majorly dramatic, it was a pot of ham and mixed bean and veggies. If I say so myself, it turned out pretty well. He ate a bit and we spent some time together visiting, and watching tv, before he went to bed. Late night on the food channel lol, fantastic cakes.

I love seeing what they create, then it was the Dean boys traveling Tennessee. Yes there is some seriously good food in that state. Beautiful horses too.

I do believe I will check out the Tennessee Tea Cakes, experiment a bit with the barbeque they were talking about, and mmmm that Jack Daniels cake was looking yummy… lol

There was a significant amount of smoke in the air when David came home. By the scent of it, it wasn’t just my burn pit. I’ve been using a large old stock tank for a fire ring. It’s time to dig the ashes out. Although I think I’ll be waiting until it’s a bit cooler before I do.

Then I believe I’ll put them on my garden spot. I have an idea for a welded burn pit that would use a top screen as a spark arrestor. I think I’ll sketch up a plan and take it to the welder and see what he/she would charge me for it. It’s pretty simple really. Be good to have something put together to utilize the heat put off this winter as well. Although the chickens and cats appreciate it where it is.

No lice or mites on those chickens, they dust in the ashes on a regular basis.

Around 4 this morning my alert sensors went off. The alert sensors in my head. They are on hypersensitive when I can smell smoke anyway. I heard a shuddering sound. First it sounded like a fire really cranking it. At least that’s what triggered the wake up I believe. I got up and looked outside for an orange glow. There was none to be seen. The tall grasses and weeds from the rain this year make me extra wary.

I could still hear it, the air was shuddering. I couldn’t see them but it must have been a group of helos flying low. Or one huge one with multiple rotors.

One night David saw something coming over the southern horizon. It was pitch black out that night. We stood out in the front yard and watched as it drew nearer. What looked like an it from the distance, was actually several helos flying low in formation. Beautiful birds, those are. Speaking in general of course as I could not see the detail on those in particular. I can say by the lights they were holding a perfect formation.

At any rate, this mornings bird/birds went on their way I came back inside, took care of mom’s needs, logged onto facebook and farm town while I was waiting on her, visited with a friend a bit and went back to bed for a few more hours.

Such is life on Robbins Run Ranch…

Today is a busy one, livestock to care for as usual, need to prep for a 12:30 meeting, work out some kind of workable scheduling plan. Not set in stone but a workable guideline. Things have gotten totally out of skew since mom’s house fire. Time to get it together so I can function more effectively.

Life is a journey, enjoy the trip… with all it’s various adventures
Mary E. Robbins
Robbins Run Ranch: Living the Dream on the High Plains of Wyoming

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