Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's Summer, and I am Alive!

Wow, It’s actually July 14th 2009. How amazing is that. Some will say it’s not amazing at all. Others will nod their heads in agreement, deciding in that moment that it is truly amazing. While they are wondering what is so amazing about it.

We are alive, that is amazing. I am not in a straight jacket; that in itself is truly amazing.

We have a forecast for a week of sunny weather. YaY! I am seriously going to murder flies. Yes tis true; I am a fly murderer. I’m pulling out the grenade and going for the gusto. That stuff is wicked, but it works. Good by to a whole slew of flies, mosquitoes, and grasshoppers. There will still be plenty out and around for the birds to feast on.

When I first moved out here I was afraid to use it. I wanted to increase the bird population on this property. Well I’ve done that, while using the grenade. We are surrounded by farmland, and rangeland. Cattle pasture, beautiful yes. Unfortunately for the cattle they are major fly motels. I’ve seen their backs totally covered by the nasty things. So I will work on a perimeter for our dogs, cats, and household. With fewer flies. Ugh.

I’ve been away from my journals and blogs for a while. It’s taken a bit for me to normalize after the events of this spring. I usually write my way through my life, lol. However this time around. I would sit down to write and this white static would fill my mind, leaving the pages blank. Like a blue screened computer. Overloaded system crash imminent. Need time and space to process, delete garbage files, do a disk scan and defrag. Geez, wish I could do that with my mind.

Actually I do. As we all know, the more complex the computer, as in my mind, the longer it takes to defrag. It’s taken me around 3 months to defrag this one. Defrag, and virus scan. There were some serious Trojans in there this time around. Lol. Think I’ve nuked it with a super virus scan, nope there’s another one. Resulting emotional rollercoaster ride, chaotic to say the least.

I am still here, didn’t have a total data purge either. No termination of program. I am still here firing synapses, functioning on a decent level. Productivity increasing exponentially. Suicidal data dump aborted.

What events have transpired this amazing year? Geez, events, hit overwhelm on that one big time. Yes I will say what has happened, but it will have to wait for the next post.

I must get on with the business at hand. As in taking care of my Pomeranians. Getting rid of flies, grooming, taking puppy pictures, editing web pages and so on. Not to mention rearranging my home to accommodate another human soul living under our roof.

Be well my friends

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