Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Snap Crackle Boom Pop...

For all of you living in the USA… Happy 4th of July. Firecrackers, bottle rockets, sparklers, things that go boom in the night sky. Barbecues at the beach, lake, Oceanside, park, etc. It’s a huge party day. I may go to a fireworks display this evening. Although if I climb the hill behind my house and kennels I can see fireworks going off in the night sky for miles and miles. Truthfully I do like a closer look, but it is a phenomenal view from that hill. It can be a little willy going up there at night. But generally isn’t a problem if you take a couple of big dogs with you. The coyotes and other wildlife come in pretty close at night. Usually they will leave you alone unless they are rabid, or some big cat that has decided humans are easy prey.

I saw a beautiful red fox the other day. I drove to the little post office and it was running along the side of the gravel road, then it dashed across. Of course I didn’t have my camera. So the only picture I captured of it is in my mind’s eye. Beautiful bright red fox.

I am still grooming Poms as fast as I can. Hair flying everywhere. I started doing something I said I would never do. I started doing summer cuts on the hairballs. Their undercoats are so heavy that they are walking around in the equivalent of a heavy down filled coat in 100 degree temps. Happily some are blowing their coats of by themselves, so those will only need a basic brush-up, deworm and toe nail trim… I’ll probably do a bit of a hair trim too… that’s what I have been doing.

I haven’t been messing with the scale much. I got on and it said I had stayed the same. I know I’m getting smaller because my clothes are getting looser. My body composition is changing. Burning off fat, and building muscle.

Fat takes up 5 times the space of muscle, on the flip side muscle weighs 5 times as much as fat does. Sound like a no win situation.

It may sound that way but it’s not. You need muscle to function. Fat is merely excess fuel stores. It doesn’t help you to function unless you are out of fuel. I can feel my abs getting stronger, across my back and shoulders, my arms. When I flex my arms you can see the muscles moving, even with the fat layer on the outside.

Hopefully my skin will draw up as my size continues to decrease.

I really want to be able to walk a marathon. I want the physical capability to do that, and actually enjoy the day. Not a torture test.

I want to be able to ride a century in a day as well. When I am actually able to take a vacation I want to take a bicycle tour, and be able to enjoy the ride.

I am sooooo not interested in the waif thin stick figure bobble head doll nonsense. I have no desire to be weak and lightheaded. What a boring way to live.

I want to be able to enjoy being physically active. I can already feel my strength building. I took a look at a picture my husband took of my dad and myself standing side by side. I was pleasantly surprised to notice that I could see changes in my body and face already.

I have measurements on record, and do not plan on measuring until the end of the summer.

I am pacing myself a bit. Actually that’s not quite true I’m working flat out on this kennel and ranch this summer. Periodically I have to take some time to just chill out and let my body rest. I am making an effort to not fry my mind looking at the whole of everything that needs to be done. And at the same time stay on target. Looking at the whole can really overwhelm.

Translated… if you have 100 pounds of excess lard hanging on your butt, and can barely walk across the room. Focus on one step at a time. Small changes. Not a total shock. Build to the marathon… by first getting off the couch. If you can walk across the room do that. Then take 3 more steps. And so on and so on.

Rather than “ I can’t do this it’s too much” ask yourself “how can I do this (whatever your goal may be) and enjoy the process” Live your life.

On a business note. I see pre-launch and brand new-launch this that and the other thing all over the place. Some of these may be great, some may be total crap. Keep in mind that if they are actually new launches or pre-launches. They really do not have a track record. The figures they are throwing around don’t mean much of anything. Yes I’ve gotten caught up in the frenzy before.

Before you add something to your business portfolio ask yourself if this is a program or product you want to represent. Does this program/product/system add to your portfolio or is it a detriment to what you are working for. What is your niche? How does said program/product fit into it. Is it a positive representation of your business.
I work with a variety of programs, and in truth there are some that are going to be trimmed from my portfolio. I’ve been at it with a machete whacking off dead branches, so to speak. Sculpting my online presence. That is an on going process. My business is a growing thing, and like a hedge sometimes it needs trimmed, pruned, watered and fertilized.

I’ve been using Veretekk to help grow my business. Truthfully it’s been extremely useful. I’ve risen in the search engines over the past few months. First I went after my name. Mary E. Robbins, happily I am on the first pages now, in both google and yahoo. I was clear back on page 10 in yahoo and farther back in google. Then I went after robbinsrun, again I’m on the first pages. I am starting after another set of key words now. It’s a learning process. Speaking of which there is very useful training at Veretekk.

Gotta run…
Life is a journey… enjoy the trip… Mary E. Robbins & the Hairballs
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