Sunday, April 01, 2007

April Fools Day...

Well old friend I’m starting on the mindset once again. Feel a bit like shit to be truthful. The Picture is a bit of tongue in cheek. My attitude has been the berries ever since I broke my bloody foot. Damn, of all the stupid things to do. Yes I'm pissed and I'm beating myself up a bit. With a good dose of sulk on top of it.

Another bloody blizzard just kind of spiraled my attitude down into no-man's attitude. Yes dear ones it's true... there are time my attitude .... hmmmm... what's the word? SUCKS... this past week has been a bloody good example of that. Better today... conscious effort to change it. Sucky attitude makes Mary a shit to be around... even for myself...

Upset stomach and overweight. I weighed this morning... uck... 293 lbs. I have some great tools for weight loss and overall fitness. Time to actually use them. I came to the realization that when I cook for David, it does not mean that I have to eat it. Be a good thing. Weight has to be turned around or it will be the miserable death of me. Frankly it’s a slow painful way to suicide.

I’ve been losing all my time to the computer, so it’s schedule time. Not set in stone but a guideline so I don’t lose track of all time. Start at 6 am and the next thing I know it’s after dark and I still have kennel work to do. Not a good thing, not good for my dogs and not good for me.

What do I want included in my daily do’s :
Tax work
Real estate
Personal private time…bit of peace and meditation
Time with husband
House work… I really like a clean house and at this point it’s scary dirty… front end loader anyone…
Time management… what a misnomer. It’s more like self management within the constraints of time.

Dog food recall threw me for a loop... I cringed when I heard it ... I wonder how many of my clients are feeding their dogs that stuff. Poor dogs. My hairballs are like my children to me. The thought of killing them with feed that I thought was good for them just makes me heartbroken. I' m glad I found HealthyPetNet when I did. At least I know my personal dogs are safe in what they are eating.

I'm so fed up with careless shits cutting corners to boost their bottom lines, that I could just scream. Actually rather than just screaming. I'm going to tell everyone about some safe, healthy dog food, and the corner cutting creeps can just go bankrupt as far as I care. I'm done with their crappy feed. Major name brand feed ... damn it. At least they did the recall. That's something anyway.

Life is a journey... sometimes there are sharp rocks in the road... Mary E. Robbins & the Hairballs

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